The Board For Certification In Clinical Anaplastology  

Governed by leading anaplastologists in practice and academia, the Board endeavors to advance clinical anaplastology by certifying competent clinical anaplastologists, promoting education and research, and elevating the standard of care in professional practice.

Jay McClennen

Jay is a highly skilled artist, problem-solver, and innovator. 

Amanda Y. Behr

Amanda is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Illustration at Augusta University.

mann photo for bcca.jpg
Robert Mann
Vice President

Robert Mann trained at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia is now  based at the University of Florida.

Barbara Spohn-Lillo

Barbara is located in Lakewood, Colorado with extensive experience in facial and body prostheses.

Kaylee Dougherty


Kaylee trained as a scuptor and provides anaplastology services at locations in Maine and Massachusetts

Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay

Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay holds academic appointments as a tenured professor and director

David Van Auker

David Van Auker has a master’s degree (MA) in studio art from Eastern Michigan University

rachel 5x7 hor.jpg
Rachel M. Brooke
Executive Director

With more than fifteen years’ experience in the association management industry, Rachel Brooke serves as the Executive Director for the BCCA. 

Gina Cohen 

Gina Cohen started working in the field of Anaplastology in 2006 in the Maxillofacial technician training .   

Andrew Etheridge CCa.jpg

Andrew Etheridge


Andrew has credentials in the orthotics and prosthetics field and is in the process of credentialing in ocularisty.