The Board For Certification In Clinical Anaplastology  

Governed by leading anaplastologists in practice and academia, the Board endeavors to advance clinical anaplastology by certifying competent clinical anaplastologists, promoting education and research, and elevating the standard of care in professional practice.

Irene Healey,

Irene trained as fine artist before receiving a medical art degree and works in both Canada and the USA.

Jay McClennen,
Vice President

Jay is based in Durham, NC and came to anaplastology after working in special effects in film industry.

Robert F. Robinson,Jr., Treasurer

Robert works as an anaplastologist for the USA Air Force and has  a private practice in Suffolk, VA.

Sharon Haggerty,

Sharon is based in Seattle, WA and sees patients in the Pacific Northwest for facial and body prostheses

Robert Mann

Robert Mann trained at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia is now  based at the University of Florida.

Barbara Spohn-Lillo, Director

Barbara is located in Lakewood, Colorado with extensive experience in facial and body prostheses.

Anne-Marie Riedinger, Director

Anne-Mare is a pioneer in anaplastology in France and a sought after consultant and lecturer.

Harral Scott, CPA, CFP

Harral is the public member on the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology. 

Kaylee Dougherty


Kaylee trained as a scuptor and provides anaplastology services at locations in Maine and Massachusetts

Amanda Y. Behr, 

Amanda is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Illustration at Augusta University.

Rachel Brooke, Executive Director 
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