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Developing a Qualifying Course for Re-Certification in Clinical Anaplastology 

Developing A Course That Qualifies for a CEU for Re-Certification

The BCCA has “pre-approved providers” of Continuing Education Units such as the IAA and the AAMP.

The BCCA welcomes individual Certified Clinical Anaplastologists who develop and provide educational opportunities for Certified Clinical Anaplastologists to continue to update their knowledge and skills and earn continuing education credits. 

However if the provider is not on the BCCA pre-approved list, the course provider must apply to the BCCA before promoting that they are offering CEUs recognized by the BCCA that count towards re-certification in Clinical Anaplastology

The  following steps must be in place before an individual lay person, a CCA or an institution can claim the material or instruction they provide qualifies as a CEU (Continuing Education Unit) for re-certification.

  • A fee of $100 payable to the BCCA 

  • A  full course agenda outlining the number of hours being spent in the classroom versus time taken for opening remarks, breaks, meals, etc.

  • A summary of what an attendee will learn from each module of the proposed program being offered

The provider must submit the above information a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the course in order to provide enough time for the BCCA to do an evaluation.


Once the BCCA has reviewed the continuing education opportunity and has approved it, the BCCA will assign the number of CEUs, the event can offer to a CCA.  The provider can include that information on their promotional materials.


The provider may not promote their event as offering CEU credits towards re-certification in Clinical Anaplastology unless they has received permission to do so in writing from the BCCA.

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