Frequently Asked Questions 

Questions on Eligibility

I’m in college and want to know what courses and major I should take to pursue the CCA designation. Where should I start?

Take a look at the Application Checklist found here. There are 5 educational pathways that enable a candidate to be eligible for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology. Choose a major that best suits your general aptitude and interests and refer CCA general application form found here and the Application Checklist to see the additional courses each pathway requires.

I’ve been practicing anaplastology for years and have the casework but do not have some of the required course work to apply for certification.  Can you make an exception?

Unfortunately the Board For Certification in Clinical Anaplastology cannot make any exceptions. Consult with the Application Checklist here or the on the website here to see the pathway that fits best with the education you have and what courses you still need to complete.

I am thinking about pursuing anaplastology as a career but before I make the decision, I would like some more firsthand exposure to what anaplastologists do.  Do you have any recommendations on how to receive this experience?

Check the list of CCAs we have on the website here to see if there is a CCA that is local that you can consult with. John Hopkins has a certificate course that gives exposure to training and the field of Anaplastology. Information can be found here. The International Anaplastology Association has yearly meetings and reduced costs for students to attend and a person interested in anaplastology can meet people practicing anaplstology at the conference which may help them to find someone willing to help them.

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