Frequently Asked Questions on Re-Certification  

Questions on Re-Certification

The Jotform doesn't save. Do I need to restart the form?

The Jotform does not save however you can submit it multiuple times. Each time you have additional information to submit you can fill in a new Jotform and submit it.

Do I need to submit my documents all at one time or can I submit them as I complete each activity over the 3 years?

Documents verifying Contnuing Education credits can be submitted as you acheive them and the Jot Form can be submitted as many times as necessart.

I am missing some of the documents that verify my attendance at activities I want to use for re-certification.

Re-certification applications are considered incomplete if any of the required information is missing and/or illegible, or the appropriate fee is not included. There is a late fee for filing late or incomplete application. See here for more information.

I attend conferences that offer CEUs in other fields such as O&P and nursing. How do I calculate the number of credits I will receive towards my re-certification in Clinical Anaplastology?

Submite the documentation that the organizers gave regarding the CEU credits they are providing in addition to the program for the event and the proof of payment. The BCCA will inform you of the number of credits you have obatined and you may want to do this in anticpation of the Re-certificaytion deadline in case you are still short od some credits. More information on qualifying activities can be found here.