The Scope of Clinical Anaplastology

A Certified Clinical Anaplastologist is qualified and permitted to offer any or all of the following services to patients including the designing, fabrication and dispensing: 


  • Consultation with patient upon referral from a physician

  • Surgical attendance as consult for surgeon

Custom Made Facial Prostheses

  • Nasal prosthesis

  • Midfacial prosthesis

  • Orbital prosthesis

  • Upper facial prosthesis

  • Hemi-facial prosthesis

  • Auricular prosthesis

  • Partial facial prosthesis

  • Nasal septal prosthesis

  • Unspecified maxillofacial prosthesis, by report

  • Osseointegrated implant retained facial 

Ocular (Eye) Prostheses

  • Prosthetic eye, custom

  • Polishing/resurfacing of ocular prosthesis

  • Enlargement of ocular prosthesis

  • Reduction of ocular prosthesis

  • Scleral cover shell fabrication and fitting of ocular conformer

Somatic (Body) Prostheses

Breast Prostheses

  • External breast prosthesis  pre-made

  • External partial breast prosthesis pre-made

  • Breast prosthesis, silicone or equal

  • Custom breast prosthesis, post-mastectomy, molded to patient model

  • Breast prosthesis, not otherwise specified

  • Nipple Prosthesis, custom-made

  • Nipple Prosthesis, pre-made

Hand and Finger Prostheses

  • Hand prosthesis

  • Finger prosthesis

  • Hand or glove, thumb or one finger remaining

  • Partial hand w/glove, multiple fingers remaining

  • Partial hand restoration, multiple fingers remaining

  • Hand restoration/replacement for above

  • Upper extremity prosthesis, not otherwise specified

  • Prototypes

  • Suction Sockets 

Foot Prostheses

  • Suction fit toe prosthesis 

  • Lower extremity prosthesis, not  otherwise specified

  • Partial Foot Prosthesis

    •  A realistic silicone partial foot prosthesis is done by a certified Prosthetist, Orthotist or Pedorthist with the skills to achieve realism through training in anaplastology or done by a Certified Clinical Anaplastologist in collaboration with a Certified Prosthetist, Orthotist or Pedorthist.

Other Soft Tissue Fillers and Covers and Protective Devices

  • Custom made to fit according to location and configuration of defect

Other Medical Appliances

  • Tracheostoma custom housing for speaking valve

  • Surgical planning template for osseo-integrated implant placement for facial prostheses

  • Osseo-integrated infrastructure for external implant retention of facial prostheses

  • Burn Mask

For a downloadable copy of External Body Prostheses and Devices that are Commonly Consulted Upon,  Dispensed or Designed and Fabricated by the Certified Clinical Anaplastology, click here
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