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Late Filing of Re-certification Documents  

Penalties For Filing Late For Re-Certification or Incomplete Documentation (as of Nov. 1, 2021)

Recertification applications are considered incomplete if any of the required information is missing and/or illegible, or the appropriate fee is not included.

Candidates will be notified via email that the recertification application is incomplete and what must be done to complete the application. These notices will include a deadline for response.

If the certificant does not respond in a timely manner, notification will be sent to inform the certificant that the recertification application is invalid and will not be processed. The candidate will be notified of the consequences for failing to re-certify.

Recertification applications must be complete before they are processed and approved.

November 1 is now the deadline for all CCA renewal applications. In order to bring all members in alignment with this date, the following rules will be in place. If you have an existing certification that ends after November 1 (e.g., 11/20/19) thus making your deadline November 1 of the following year (for the same example, 11/1/2020), there will be a gap for which you can receive a temporary certification to validate your credentialed status. 

  • Certification must be renewed every three years thus the reporting cycle is now every three years. 

  • Verifying documentation must be submitted with the application on or before the Nov. 1 deadline. 

  •  The BCCA annual fee must be paid/current. 


  • A late filing fee will be charged for documentation that is submitted late or that is incomplete.

  • The late filing fee is $5.00/day or $25.00/ week and $100 after 1 month

  • The BCCA reserves the right to consider the status of a CCA if their re-certification application is later than 30 days. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

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