Gina Cohen, CCA

Gina Cohen started working in the field of Anaplastology in 2006 in the Maxillofacial technician training program at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and the Bronx VA in New York.  After completing the program in 2008, Gina joined the private practice, Aesthetic Prosthetics, in Pasadena, CA.  Prior to that, she earned a Bachelors of Arts degree at Florida State University and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture at the New York Academy of Art.  

She has experience working in private practice and hospital settings, with people of all ages, veterans and injured active duty soldiers. Gina regularly creates facial and a wide variety of somatic prostheses. She feels privileged to work for a practice that  prioritizes the highest bar of quality in form, fit and function. Her MFA in  traditional, figurative, sculpture has allowed her to be extremely informed on the nuances of human  anatomy. Gina's years as a foster parent, training in trauma and loss, working with traumatized children and  their birth families has really enhanced her ability to talk with patients who are open about sharing their  struggles in living with anatomical differences. She believes that making patients comfortable, and understanding their "why" greatly improves her ability to restore a patient's physical loss.

She is a member of the International Anaplastology Association and a board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist.   


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