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Maintaining the Best Practices in Certified Clinical Anaplastology  

The BCCA works to develops and articulate policies pertaining to the practice of clinical anaplastology on behalf of members and the profession and the betterment of patients requiring anaplastology services. 

BCCA Policy Development Committee 

BCCA Activities on Behalf of Clinical Anaplastology 

Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) on January 17, 2017 proposed a ruling on the qualifications required for suppliers to fabricate custom-made somatic (body) prostheses which would have had a negative impact on the activities of a Board Certified Clinical Anaplastologist as well as other prostheses providers and severely limited patient access to anaplastology services


The BCCA worked with the International Anaplstology Association (IAA) to respond to the ruling and over their response was one of over 5,000 responses that the CMS received to this proposed ruling which led them to abandon the prosposal. 

A summary of the ruling (now abandoned) can be found here. CMS website link to the proposed ruling is here and  for a download of the proposed CMS (now abandoned) ruling click  here.

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