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Juan R. Garcia, MA, CCA

Juan R. Garcia is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, teaching in the areas of Ophthalmological Illustration, Medical Sculpture, and Anaplastology Training. Mr. Garcia established a 1-Year Training Certificate Program in Clinical Anaplastology through the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for graduates from medical illustration programs as well as qualified students

Mr. Garcia is responsible for managing the Facial Prosthetics Clinic practice by providing clinical services of custom-made prosthetic substitutes for missing facial and somatic anatomy. This work involves creating custom-made non-weight bearing silicone appliances for the face and body.

Juan received Bachelors degrees in Fine Arts and Science from the University of Miami, and a Masters of Art degree in Medical and Biological Illustration from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His clinical training experiences include Columbia University, New York, USA; Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden; and Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Center, Ontario, Canada.

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