David Van Auker, MA, CP, CCA

David Van Auker, MA, CP, CCA has a master’s degree (MA) in studio art from Eastern Michigan University (with a bachelors in art and journalism and a minor in economics), and his prosthetics certificate (CP) from Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago. He is board certified with the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics (ABC). He is also a board certified clinical anaplastologist (CCA) with the Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology (BCCA). He spent almost 12 years working for Pros-Tech Prosthetic Technological Center in Troy, Michigan, treating all types of amputations from post-operative thru final prosthetic fitting. He fits above and below knee amputations as well as partial feet, hand injuries and upper extremities. He also makes facial prosthetics including eyes, ears and noses. He has established himself as the only practicing certified prosthetist and anaplastolgist in the state of Michigan, and one of a handful of specialists of this type nationwide. Before working at Pros-Tech, he worked as a researcher at the world renowned Sabolich Prosthetics and Research Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he was involved in the development of cosmetic finishing systems and silicone technology. He is currently a rare individual in the United States as he is certified in BOTH prosthetics and anaplastology!

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