Eligibility for Becoming a CCA

All of the documents and application forms referred to on this site can be found on the page BCCA PDFs. Information may change and forms are periodically updated so applicants must make reference to the BCCA PDFs page to be sure they are using updated application forms and have accurate information documents. 

Pathways through which to qualify for CCA

Five (5) eligibility pathways have been established by the BCCA in recognition of the diversity in education and experience of qualified applicants. Applicants are instructed to review each pathway to determine which is most suitable. All eligibility criteria detailed in the selected pathway application must be accomplished before an applicant can apply to sit for the CCA examination.


Click on the links below to learn what is required for each pathway and decide which pathway is appropriate to use when applying for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology.

The next Deadline for the  CCA Application for Eligibility and the  $300 fee due to the BCCA, is to be received by the BCCA by June 1, 2020

For more information on upcoming dates click here 

The application process consists of completing the general application form (Sections 1-4) found here as well as completing the application form (Section 5) for the pathway the candidate chooses as the most appropriate. (see above and chose one pathway) These 2 forms, together with the requested support material and the application fee ($300 USD)  must be received by the BCCA prior to on the application deadline date. For more information see the Application Page.

All Documents Referenced on This Page Can be Found Here 
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