Application Process For Becoming a CCA

All of the documents and application forms referred to on this site can be found on the page BCCA PDFs. Information may change and forms are periodically updated so applicants must make reference to the BCCA PDFs page to be sure they are using updated application forms and have accurate information documents. 

The next deadline for CCA Application for Eligibility and the Exam is by June 1, 2020. An application fee of $300 USD paid  to the BCCA is due along with the application.  

For more details on the examination dates, corresponding application deadlines, fees and refund deadlines please see  the News and Important Deadline Dates page.

Candidates cannot earn certification without passing the certification examination.

Applying for the certification is voluntary. BCCA strictly adheres to the eligibility requirements for certification.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to comply with all application procedures and deadlines in order to establish eligibility to take the examination. Candidates may obtain applications through the BCCA website. See,  BCCA Forms 

The application process consists of completing the general application form (Sections 1-4) found here as well as completing the application form (Section 5) for the pathway the candidate chooses as the most appropriate found here.  These 2 forms, together with the requested support material and the application fee ($300 USD)  must be received by the BCCA prior to on the application deadline date. Late applications cannot be considered. Please contact us before the application deadline with any questions or concerns.


See below for more details.

Application requirements for the CCA examination 

  • CCA Application for Eligibility Consists of 3 Forms 

  • Non refundable Fee for Application for Eligibility  (Check or money order for $300 made to BCCA or by credit card payment with our secure online payment 

  • Official school transcripts for mandatory coursework and the conferring of the Masters or Bachelor degree 

  • Supervisor Practice Form

  • Clinical Cases Portfolio (See Standards for Initial Certification  for requirements) 

  • Patient Information Release Forms

  • Signed Application Attestation

  • CCA Examination Registration Form

  • CCA Examination Registration Fee (Check or money order made to BCCA or credit card payment)

  • Request for Special Accommodations Form (if applicable)

Any questions regarding the above application requirements should be communicated to the BCCA prior to the application date with sufficient time to meet the application deadlineContact us 

Application Review Process

Upon receipt of the CCA Application for Eligibility, and the required supporting materials and fee, the Credentials Committee will begin the evaluation process to determine applicant eligibility. Applicants are notified by email of their eligibility (or ineligibility) to sit for the examination.

Eligible applicants are instructed to complete and submit the CCA Examination Registration Form and corresponding fee. An official Authorization to Test with examination instructions, location, date, and time information is sent via email approximately 30 days prior to the examination date. 

Candidates will need their Authorization to Test from BCCA and their government issued identification to be admitted to the testing site on examination day.

Incomplete Applications

Applications, the application fees and all supporting materials must be received by the BCCA no later than the published application deadline. An application will be considered incomplete if any of the required information is missing or illegible, or the appropriate fee has not been paid. 

Candidates whose applications have been internally reviewed and deemed incomplete or ineligible will be notified via email. Candidates will be notified of the application’s deficiencies and possible remedies. If the candidate does not respond, or rectify said deficiency prior to the published deadline, the application cannot be processed.

Application Audits

The submission of an application indicates a candidate’s agreement to comply with the terms of the audit process. All applications are subject to an audit. 

Candidates may be asked to provide any documentation or material substantiating eligibility


BCCA will provide audited candidates with a reasonable window of time to submit the requested documentation. Upon receipt of the requested documentation, candidates will receive an audit status -notification via email within 7-10 business days. 

Cancellations, Rescheduling, Fees & Refunds

Candidates requesting to cancel their testing appointment and/or withdraw their application must notify BCCA in writing no later than 45 days prior to the scheduled examination date. The examination registration fee, minus a $150 administrative fee, will be returned in full. 

If necessary, approved applicants may postpone taking the examination for one annual examination cycle from their scheduled examination date, incurring a $75 administrative fee, and provided BCCA is notified in writing at least 30 days prior to the scheduled examination. After the above-noted time period, previously approved candidates who have not yet taken the examination will be required to re-apply and pay new fees.

No refunds will be made if the BCCA receives notification after the published refund deadline.

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